Three Triceratops Gruff

Our animation is a humorous dinosaur retelling of the Norwegian folk tale, “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” (De tre bukkene Bruse). This new look at an old classic is sure to bring laughs and entertainment to children. We also introduce three brand new triceratops characters: Mini, Middle and Mega! The triceratops are hungry after their grazing lands have become empty. … Read More

Dinosaur March – Top 20 Popular Dinosaurs

Join some of the top dinosaurs as they march through the past and into the present day! This animation includes 20 stunning and colorful characters in a jungle, desert, hillside and tropical island, set to exciting safari-style music. Dinosaur names are both spoken and text is displayed in a fun, bouncy font. Dinosaurs include: Stegosaurus Triceratops Brontosaurus Pterodactyl T-Rex Plesiosaurus … Read More

Advanced Dinosaur Shapes – Learning 3D Shapes

Join Baby T-Rex, Ptero and Minisaurus as they gather to watch the Triceratops bring 3d shapes along the path. This somewhat more advanced lesson names 3d shapes such as cubes, cones, cylinders, spheres, pyramids and so much more! They even run into Uncle T-Rex, who has some very silly plans for his own 3d shape. This funny, colorful and fast-paced … Read More

Five Little Dinos Jumping on the Bed

“5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed” — but with Dinosaurs!! We’ve taken the song, “5 little monkeys jumping on the bed” and have added all new dinosaur characters. Velociraptors instead of monkeys. Momma velociraptor instead of monkey momma. And Dr. T-Rex instead of Dr. Gorilla! Watch Dr. T-Rex patiently instruct the 5 dinos to stop jumping on the bed. … Read More

Humpty Dumpty Dinosaurs

Everyone knows the children’s story tale of Humpty Dumpty, but what REALLY happened to cause our egg-headed hero to fall off his wall? Could it have been an obscure arch-enemy who cooked up an ingenious scheme? And why couldn’t the king’s horses and men fix him up? Could it have been the six-million dollars that it would have taken to … Read More

T-Rex Learns 3D Shapes

Learn 3d shapes / geometry in this fun, fast paced lesson about shapes such as spheres, cubes, cones, pyramids, prisms and more! Ride through the mud course with T-Rex and Pterodactyl as they talk about 3d shapes. Then watch T-Rex jump over 3d geometry and later crush them into pieces under his giant wheels! Check out T-Rex’s new monster truck … Read More

A Very Useful T-Rex

Making new friends isn’t always easy, as T-Rex discovers, even though he has all the bells and whistles. This short animation for children is sure to be fun — and funny — for the entire family! All is quiet on the Island of So-and-So, except for bickering between Wallace and Nigel, the best and brightest on the entire island. Their … Read More