Smarty Moose – How In The World Does A Car’s Engine Work? Episode 2

One of our viewers requested a video about how cars work, so here it is! There are many, many aspects to what makes a car function, so we focused mostly on the 4 cycle gasoline engine and mentioned some of the systems to steer, power, increase handling and cool a car. The video includes interesting photos and video of antique, … Read More

Smarty Moose – How In the World Does A Steam Engine Work? Episode 1

As a start to our brand new series, Smarty Moose, we take a look at how steam engines work — with a fun, informative view of a moving train diagram. Smarty Moose describes the major parts of a train and the process of converting coal-fueled steam to kinetic energy. Children of any age can learn from this fast-paced, interesting explanation … Read More