Advanced Dinosaur Shapes – Learning 3D Shapes

Join Baby T-Rex, Ptero and Minisaurus as they gather to watch the Triceratops bring 3d shapes along the path. This somewhat more advanced lesson names 3d shapes such as cubes, cones, cylinders, spheres, pyramids and so much more! They even run into Uncle T-Rex, who has some very silly plans for his own 3d shape. This funny, colorful and fast-paced … Read More

Dinosaur Shapes

Join Baby T-Rex & friends in this fun adventure as they sit by the river and watch the shapes float by. Things start to get silly when they run into Uncle T-Rex! Writer, director, art, characters, animation, voice of characters: © 2015 A. G. Houde | All Rights Reserved Mix, sound design and outro music (See Ya Later) by Nick … Read More