Free Worksheet – Smarty Moose – How Does A Car’s Engine Work? – 2 pages

Smarty Moose Worksheet

Download these free, "Smarty Moose, How In The World Does A Car's Engine Work", worksheets (2 pages) to test your child's listening skills after watching the video. If they haven't watched the video yet, they can watch it here.

One of our viewers requested a video about how cars work, so here it is! There are many, many aspects to what makes a car function, so we focused mostly on the 4 cycle gasoline engine and mentioned some of the systems to steer, power, increase handling and cool a car. The video includes interesting photos and video of antique, classic and modern cars, four moving diagrams of the inside of an engine/car, and LOTS of fun!

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Download Here

NOTE: The file is in PDF format. If you do not have a PDF reader you can download it for free from Adobe here.

Be sure to print the worksheet choosing your printer's landscape or horizontal mode. It's always wise to do a print preview before printing.

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