Free Worksheet – Smarty Moose – How In The World Does A Steam Engine Work?

Smarty Moose How In The World Does A Steam Engine Work

Download this free, "Smarty Moose, How In The World Does A Steam Engine Work", worksheet to test your child's listening skills after watching the video. If they haven't watched the video yet, they can watch it here.

As a start to our brand new series, Smarty Moose, we take a look at how steam engines work — with a fun, informative view of a moving train diagram. Smarty Moose describes the major parts of a train and the process of converting coal-fueled steam to kinetic energy. Children of any age can learn from this fast-paced, interesting explanation of exactly what makes an old locomotive tick.

This FREE worksheet will test what they've learned from this video. This can help reinforce learning and memory.

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Download Here

NOTE: The file is in PDF format. If you do not have a PDF reader you can download it for free from Adobe here.

Be sure to print the worksheet choosing your printer's landscape or horizontal mode. It's always wise to do a print preview before printing.

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